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Team Openings

If you are looking for a competitive club team we have openings as we are filling remaining roster spots for the 2018-19 season.  

2012 Boys TBD - 2 spots 
2011 Boys FFL - 2 spots 
2010 Boys FFL - 2 spots 
2009 Boys HCB - 3 spots 
2008 Boys RAP - 2 spots 
2008 Boys MWS - 2 spots 
2008 Boys ED (West)  - 1 spot 
2007 Boys ED (West) - 1 spot 
2006 Boys ED (West) - 1 spot 
2007 Boys TDD - 4 spots 
2006 Boys LM - 4 spots 
2005 Boys GTV - 2 spots 
2004 Boys - team forming, multiple spots available

2013-14 Girls MS - 3 spots 
2011-12 Girls MS - 2 spots 
2010 Girls JLM - 3 spots 
2009 Girls CCH - 1 spot
2008 Girls LM - 3 spots 
2008 Girls ML - 2 spots 
2007 Girls LM - 2 spots 
2007 Girls RAM - 2 spots 
2006 Girls ML - 2 spots 

Here's how to be considered for a PRIME SC competitive team.

1. Click here to go to the registration system page or from any Prime Soccer Club page, click on REGISTER located in the upper right-hand corner of the page. 
2. Register to create a new family account. Parent or guardian information goes here. 
3. Add a new participant. Player's information is recorded here. 
4. Once the first participant (player) has been added, you may either...
* Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "Update and Add Another Participant", if you have more than one player to register. 
* Choose the program that you wish to register for an click "Next". In this case choose 2017-18 Club Registration.
5. Please note: if you have more than one Participant (Player), under each player's name will be a list of programs that are available for that player. 
6. Tryouts are FREE, so you will see the cost displayed as $0. Please proceed with the checkout process in order to complete the tryout registration. 

Register for tryouts online 

The best way to determine if our club is the right fit for you is to come check us out. By doing so, you can see what "really happens" on the field, get to know the coaches, and compare it to your current experience and training.  

If you are thinking of giving club soccer a try, or if you are considering changing clubs, we want you to know what PRIME Soccer Club is like,  attending our tryouts can be the best place to start!
It is never too early to find the right place to start your soccer future! We look forward to seeing you out on the fields!