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PRIME Soccer Club has partnered with for uniform and spirit wear ordering.

Uniform Orders for the 2018/19 Seasonal Year should be placed by July 31, 2018, to ensure arrival for the official start of Fall 2018 league play. 

Registered and officially rostered players will receive a personalized ordering link via email.

Haven't received your link? Not sure if your jersey # has been confirmed? Contact us at [email protected] and we'll get back to you within 24 hours. 

U10 and Under - Required Kit for Girls & Boys Includes - Approximate Cost $150

Required - U10 & Under
(1) Yellow
adidas Regista 16 Jersey
(1) Yellow adidas Regista 16  Shorts
(1) Yellow adidas Copa Zone Cushion II Socks
(1) Sky Blue adidas Regista 16 Jersey
(1) Sky Blue adidas Regista 16 Shorts
(1) Sky Blue adidas Copa Zone Cushion II Socks
(1) Navy Blue Badger Training Shirt
(1) Navy Blue Badger Training Shorts 
(1) Navy Blue adidas Metro IV Socks

Optional - U10 & Under
(1) adidas Stadium II Team Backpack
(1) adidas Condivo 18 Training Jacket 
(1) adidas Condivo 18 Training Pant

U11 and up Required Kit for Girls & Boys - Approximate Cost $350

**Teams will choose
 from two of the three game day kits . Players should check with their team manager/head coach before ordering to determine what kits will be used for their team. 

Game Kit One
(1) Yellow adidas Regista 16 Jersey 
(1) Yellow adidas Regista 16  Shorts 
(1) Yellow adidas Copa Zone Cushion II Socks 

Game Kit Two 
(1) Sky Blue adidas Regista 16 Jersey 
(1) Sky Blue adidas Regista 16 Shorts
(1) Sky Blue adidas Copa Zone Cushion II Socks 

Game Kit Three 
(1) Navy Blue adidas Regista 16 Jersey 
(1) Navy Blue adidas Regista 16 Shorts
(1) Navy Blue adidas Copa Zone Cushion II Socks 

Training & Backpack [Required for U11 & Up]
(2) Navy Blue Badger Training Shirt
(1) Navy Blue Badger Training Shorts 
(1) Navy Blue adidas Metro IV Socks
(1) adidas Stadium II Team Backpack
(1) adidas Condivo 18 Training Jacket 
(1) adidas Condivo 18 Training Pant


PRIME Soccer Club is a player centric club. Uniform numbering policies are needed to accommodate our player development philosophy, otherwise player movement may result in conflicts with uniform numbers, creating additional uniform expenses for the player or team.  The goal is to eliminate and reduce the number of conflicts in the event a player is moved from one PRIME SC team to another PRIME SC team of the same age group, or expects to frequently play with another team in a different age group, and the number is in use by an existing player on that team.   

- Players should not order a uniform until the player jersey number has been approved and confirmed by the Club Uniform Coordinator. 
- Player number selection is not guaranteed, however, players may be provided with a choice of uniform number. 
- Movement of players to new teams is expected and should be embraced within a player development philosophy.
- In the event of a player number conflict the club expects players to resolve the issue amicably and as economically as possible. 
- There should be no duplicate numbers in an age group of the same gender. In addition, If a player is being evaluated for playing up or is being provided with playing up opportunities, uniform numbers of the next age group up should be taken into consideration for final number assignment. 
- Players who are new members to PRIME Soccer Club must be assigned a non-conflicting player number. 
- New players are allowed to select a number from those available for the age group on a first come first serve basis. 
- In the event two or more players desire the same number, the Uniform Coordinator shall assist in resolving the number assignment amicably, and if necessary, may use a random blind draw to resolve the matter.
- If a player leaves the club they forfeit their jersey number. 
- The uniform numbers 90-99 shall NOT be assigned to any player on any team.