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PRIME Coaching Philosophy


In order for players as individuals, and teams to excel in soccer at the club level and beyond, they need to have outstanding coaches.  Accordingly, we know we need to set the bar high when it comes to PRIME SC's coaches and trainers. All of our coaches have achieved a minimum USSF E license, and have at least two years youth coaching experience.  The majority of our coaches hold a USSF D license or above and have played the game at very high levels, including collegiate and professional.  More importantly, our coaches understand that coaching is an art (as well as a science) and takes time and dedication.  

Simply because a person has played at the professional level though, doesn't mean they are automatically a great youth soccer coach.  The traits required to reach the professional or college level as a player, and the traits required to become a great youth soccer coach are not one in the same.  While many soccer clubs hire, sometimes sight unseen, former college and pro players as coaches merely because they played at that level, at PRIME Soccer Club, we seek out those that have demonstrated the ability to teach soccer at a high level, working effectively with youth players.  We measure that ability in terms of player development.  A coach that excels at developing young soccer players, is a great candidate to be a PRIME Soccer Club coach.  We know these exceptional women and men are professional coaches through and through, even if they've never played soccer at the professional level.   

Besides being licensed and experienced, possessing a passion for the sport and continually demonstrating the ability to work effectively with and develop youth players of all skill levels and stages of development is something that all of our coaches possess. Their goal is to ensure that each player gets the most from their individual experiences, whether that means mastering new and valuable skills or developing an early love of the game through fun games. Our coaches understand the game of soccer is a means through which PRIME Soccer Club can help create top-notch and responsible athletes who are great role models, both on and off the field. 
PRIME Soccer Club coaches share a philosophy of constant learning and improvement. By putting players first, we establish and maintain an environment that provides all players the opportunity for individual growth through competition, continuous learning, and through constant improvement of the players around them and the coaches they come into contact with.  Our coaches are expected to constantly build their knowledge and improve their effectiveness in order to continually improve their ability to teach and develop youth players.
We believe that our professional coaches are our biggest assets, and we are thankful to have them as integral part of PRIME Soccer Club. Our youth soccer coaches are committed to developing each and every one of the players they come into contact with, and PRIME Soccer Club is proud to have these distinguished coaches working as a team for the benefit of all Club members.  Nowhere else in Southern Nevada, will you find such dedicated player-centric coaches.
What Makes a Professional Soccer Coach?
Licensed and Committed to Continuing Education A coach is a professional if they are constantly educating themselves in the art of coaching.  This means staying current with coaching courses and licenses, always looking to learn and get better, and engaging in coaching dialogues with other coaching professionals. Continuing education courses are great assets to network, collaborate, and learn. 

"The day you stop learning is the day you stop teaching."  Arsene Wenger of Arsenal FC

Student of the Game A professional coach is a student of the game. Watching soccer matches, observing and keeping up with trends in the game. These coaches inspire players to love the game. They encourage players to watch soccer games and look for techniques and tactics that they have been learning.

Embraces Modern Youth Coaching Methods and Philosophies The professional soccer coach is knowledgeable about the methods and philosophies for young players at various ages and stages of development.  They understand that youth players are not miniature professionals and need to be guided according to their developmental stages. The professional coach emphasizes the process over the outcome.  Skills are paramount as this coach understands the difference between immediate and residual training.  He or she understands that skills take time, dedication and practice to build. They help each player become the best player they can be over the long term.

Understands that Coaching is About the Players NOT the Coach The focus is on each individual player, and guiding their development while providing the best possible training environment. 

“For me, it’s irrelevant if coaches win state cups, regional cups, national cups, We get a lot of resumes -- I don’t mean people shouldn’t put that in their resumes – but how many trophies they have in their cabinet isn’t important to me. It’s about the kids, it’s not about you. We care about how many players you develop rather than how many trophies you win." Claudio Reyna - Former US Soccer Youth Technical Director

Teacher  A professional soccer coach is a teacher. A teacher provides the appropriate level of challenge for each player.  A teacher educates players as to the "why" - teaching players how to think for themselves and make decisions on the field.  A teacher allows the players to learn the game, in a positive environment, and  does not focus on mistakes, providing a training environment where each individual player has the chance to learn without fear and while having fun. A professional coach educates the parents of the player, and communicates regularly and professionally with players' parents. The coach/teacher is a role model and mentor.  

Prepared  A trait of professional coaches at the best soccer clubs that succeed at producing top-level players, is that they are very organized, professional and prepared.  A professional coach prepares before each practice session and before each game. They arrive at practice sessions in advance, and set up the practice area before players arrive. They plan engaging practice sessions that minimize the time players spend waiting in lines and maximize the number of touches each player has on the ball during practice sessions. They use planning to prepare themselves on how to communicate the ideas for the day, week, month and season for their team(s).

Pays Attention A professional coach is a careful observer - paying attention to details concerning each player, constantly evaluating each one, and looking to identify strengths and weaknesses so that training can be tailored to players' needs.

Interested in coaching at PRIME Soccer Club? 
We are committed to the growth of soccer in the communities we serve.  We provide our coaches with the support necessary to best represent PRIME Soccer Club, not just in terms of our style of play, but more importantly, to promote individual player development which always results in team development. We provide PRIME SC coaches with an age appropriate curriculum, mentoring, coaching education, and regular in-house networking events.
We are always looking to add highly qualified coaches to our team. If you are interested in becoming a PRIME Soccer Club coach, we'd like to speak with you. Contact us today.  Email [email protected] or call 702.721.7514
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